Zymo Aged



「Zymo Aged」はこれまでのレリックやエイジドフィニッシュのような見た目の使用感ではないリアルな経年劣化によるヴィンテージトーンを作り出します。
今後様々な機種に対応したZymo Agedパーツを発売いたします。


What is Zymo Aged?

(Zymosis : biochemical fermentation)

"Zymo Aged" A unique biotechnological process produces bacteria that ferment metal, which in turn, adds a random and natural fermentation process(aging) to the metal parts to promote an "aged sound & tone" like that of an old electric guitar that has been played for years.
"Zymo Aged" products give you the authentic, vintage tone that you've been looking for, but conventional, artificially aged parts have not yet achieved.


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